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Hello, everyone! Thanks for visiting the Authors in Bloom Blog Hop! Spring has sprung, and we’re celebrating! Visit all the authors on the tour for great gardening tips, recipes and a chance to win some fantastic books and prizes!

Here’s my tip:

Location, Location, Location!

My tip is more about how to enjoy your garden than growing or protecting it. If you’re considering a water feature, here’s something you might want to think about:

yellow birds

Birds love water features. Now, you may love birds, but do you want them on your patio? Trust me. You don’t.

My husband and I installed a water feature a few years ago. We thought we had the perfect place for it –– a small cut-out in our patio, at the edge, near the house. We’d be able to see the feature and birds from inside the house. And, of course, we’d hear the water bubbling pleasantly when we were outside on the patio. We like the birds, and I love the sound of the water.

The problem? It’s not a good location. A couple of times a year there must be something the birds eat that makes them very thirsty. They converge on the water — and patio — in great multitudes. And they leave a little something behind. Yep. Bird poop. Everywhere. On the patio, the chairs, the pillows, the cushions . . . ugh.

I was prepared for the annual winterizing and refilling. But I wasn’t prepared for the constant clean-up detail. Consider placing your feature a little farther out where birds can perch on trees or shrubs rather than patio furniture. Choose wisely, friends! And enjoy your outdoor space!



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Good Luck, and Happy Spring to all!

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55 thoughts on “Authors in Bloom Blog Hop

  1. Our biggest frustration with plants is deer eating them. We now plant flowers that they typically do not like such as marigolds and lupines so we can have great colors and and flowers throughout the summer season!


  2. My deck is the only place I can feed the birds and see them. I have a mess there always. But I love watching them so much, I just put up with it and hose it down everyday. What really annoys me is that in feeding the birds, I also feed the squirrels and raccoons, who have no problem shinnying up the support beams and onto the deck itself.I keep telling myself that it’s all nature, just sit back and enjoy. But, add the wild critters and my cat, some weeks I think I spend more on animal food than I do at the grocery store!


  3. We enjoy watching birds but we have cats and they like to eat them. We have a big garden and they help keep annoying critters out like raccoons, squirrels, and rabbits. Our dogs scare the deer off 🙂
    Thanks for the tip and happy spring.


  4. We don’t try to attract birds here, because the cats tend to get them. I do like to see the birds but hope they keep their distance.

    videoclimber AT yahoo DOT com


  5. That’s a nice tip, I bet most people who get water features don’t think about how many birds (any other animals like squirrels) they can attract.



  6. Your water feature sounds really nice. Here in the Arizona desert it would attract all sorts of animals not only birds.


    • Hey, Joye, Arizona sounds great right now. We’re having a cool spell. Thanks for visiting! Please add your email contact so that we can get in touch if you’re a winner! Good luck! 🙂


  7. LOL Oh i have a little bird dodo issue as well…. They only seem to go on my hubby’s car though :3 so I am okay with it hehe


    • Oh, no! I bet hubs loves that! Guess we all have our little annoyances to deal with. Have fun on the hop, and do be sure to leave your email so that we can contact you when you win! 😉


  8. Hello Darlene, we had the same thing happen to us, we bought a fountain and placed it on the deck. Learned my lesson last season, now we have a bird bath placed in the far end of our yard. Thank you Linda Romer isisthe12th(at)gmail(dot)com following blog


  9. Thanks for the tip on the water feature. I like the sounds of birds and water but not the mess. Following on FB. (mybeach52 at yahoo dot com)


  10. Great tip about the water feature and birds! I liked on Facebook. Also, follow via email.
    jeanna_massman at hotmail dot com


  11. Neat picture of the yellow birds and the water feature. Good advice. I shall remember it if I ever have room for a water feature on my patio.


  12. We have a pretty bird bath outside that I got just for our feathered friends. But you know what they prefer to drink from? The top of the plastic tote we have outside that we made into a feral cat shelter. Water collects in the lid indentation and birds drink from it every day. figures! 😉


  13. Ah…interesting point. I don’t know that we want to attract MORE birds, because we’re always competing with them for the fruit on our trees, lol. Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway!

    elewkf1 at yahoo cot com


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