For Book Clubs

Welcome, book club members!

I hope you enjoy your book group as much as I enjoy mine! I’m a charter member, and getting together with this group of women and discussing books (as well as kids, jobs, life, etc.) is a highlight of each month!

I am always interested in connecting with readers! If you choose to read one of my books in your club, I’d be happy to “attend” through a call or Skype chat. I’m also available for personal appearances on a limited basis. Please use the contact form on my website to contact me about your event or club.

To assist in kicking off a discussion, I’ve created discussion questions for each of my novels. Feel free to use these to facilitate a lively conversation. Have fun, and thanks for stopping by!

DISCUSSION POINTS FOR SECOND WIND:Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00031]
– Explore the idea of loss of things. Are you sentimental about possessions? Family heirlooms? Is losing a home just the loss of material possessions or is it more than that? Loss of history?
– Dana has set a benchmark of her own success as getting all three of her children through college. Consider the ways we judge ourselves and define success as parents. What are some of your benchmarks?
– Some of Dana’s fears relate to past experiences. What are some ways that the past keeps her from moving on or trusting? Have you ever experienced that immobilization in your own life?

DISCUSSION POINTS FOR THE STORM WITHIN:Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00031]
– Throughout The Storm Within, Claire’s friends are there to support her. Discuss the importance of friendship in this novel as well as in your own life. Would Claire’s outcome have been different without these friendships? Explain your answer.
– What was your reaction to Claire and her situation? Did you empathize with her? Why or why not?
– Claire has a difficult relationship with her daughter. Discuss the differences in her relationship with her daughter and the glimpses that hint at her relationship with her son. Did you find yourself “siding” with one character more than the other? If so, which one, and why?

– Mandi is stuck, spinning her wheels in dead-end jobs. Meeting Lane has a profound impact on her and the way she sees her life. Consider ways in which others have had a significant impact on your life. Has anyone changed the course of your life?
– Consider the family relationships in the novel. What are some of the issues that put Mandi at odds with her parents? Can you relate more with Mandi or her parents?
– Mandi feels she must make peace with her past before she can move on. She fears the future because of deeds in her past. Can she make things right? Can doing “something good” make up for doing something bad? Discuss her desire/need for redemption.

DISCUSSION POINTS FOR MEETINGS OF CHANCE:Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00033]
– Megan is suspicious of Tom Blake from their first meeting. What reasons does she have for questioning his motives? Discuss her emotional state of mind and what impact that may have on her behavior.
– Megan’s sister likes the status quo and is afraid Megan is opening a can of worms. What do you think? Would you pursue the missing necklace?
– Discuss the secondary relationships in the book and what they reveal about the characters. For example, Megan’s relationship with her mother’s best friend and Amanda’s relationship with her parents. Do you enjoy reading a novel with multiple story lines that intersect in this way? Why or why not?

– Many teens can’t resist the temptation to experiment with alcohol, sometimes with disastrous results. What can or should parents and school officials do? Have you faced this issue in your own life?
– Kate’s dedication and ambition often cause her to put work before her personal life. Is that a choice, or are some people hard-wired that way? Does she have to work harder to prove herself because she’s a woman?
– At first, Brady feels anger and resentment toward his dad. Are those feelings justified? How well did Matt handle the situation?


– Did having a young child as a main character change the dynamics of the romance?

– Who was right? Was The Awful Waffle a delightful keepsake for Dylan or exploitation of a tragic event? Did you find yourself taking sides?

– Did you suspect Celia of being the culprit who called Social Services? How did you feel about her character? Was Reed wrong to mistrust her?

– Did you relate to Kristen and the issues she was dealing with in her family? Have you ever had to give up a pet or move from a beloved place? Do you tend to welcome change or drag your heels?

– In the end, did you believe Reed was ready to take on the role of Dad to Dylan? Did you see growth in his character?

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