Meet Dana, the star of “Second Wind,” book two in the

Women of Whitfield trilogy

Dana works. As a single mother she works hard to provide for her kids.  For years, she’s juggled her job, home, and the various activities and needs of three children. To keep it together, she plans and organizes. She likes goals and structure, and keeps a regimented calendar.

So when the last kid drops out of college and returns home, then the home is blown apart in a tornado, her well-ordered life is reduced to chaos.

Who shows up to help sort through rubble? Mary. Who cooks homemade meals and provides new, clean clothes? Mary. Who steps in and offers Dana her home? Claire. As always, these friends are there for each other.

Head nurse at Whitfield Community Hospital, Dana is normally a spunky multi-tasker. She gets up with the sun, and meets the day head-on. Her curly blond hair has a tendency to fall in her face, so she clips it back, and moves on. Always on a budget, she’s found ways to get creative with clothing and home decor. With a flair for repurposing, she’s the poster child for “design on a dime.”

Second Wind is a story of readjustment and altered goals as Dana faces challenges from every direction.

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