Give me sun, not snow!

snowmanWell, it’s January, it’s freezing cold, there’s snow covering the yard, and I haven’t written about winter yet. I guess it’s time.

I hate winter. I seriously despise snow. I don’t like to be cold. The cold immobilizes me. All I want to do is curl up inside a blanket and stay warm. That’s not conducive to writing, to getting the housework or laundry done, or anything, except maybe reading. I like to read. But, somehow, it doesn’t work out for me to curl up and read all day on every cold day of the winter!

Sure, the snow can be pretty. I have indeed taken pictures of snow and ice glistening from trees, a bright red cardinal against the white wonderland, the buried patio furniture, etc. I know it’s great for sledding and skiing, fun activities for kids and adults. Yes, I have pictures to prove that I was a good mom – we built snowmen in the yard, and I took my kids to a local slope for this wintry exhilaration when they were young.

But I’ve also seen injuries occur from people shoveling snow and falling on slippery sidewalks. Last year two young adults died at two different universities (that I know of) from exposure on frigid winter nights. People die in car accidents on slick roads. Property ruined and lives ravaged. Because of snow and cold. That makes me sad. Of course there are dangers lurking everywhere, but winter adds another element of worry. Yesterday one of my kids flew through a snow storm in New York. Two days ago I drove to Ohio with the other one so that he could have his car at college — his first winter there with his car. Why did both of them end up in cold, snowy climates?! Those brochures from Florida schools and the University of Hawaii are looking awfully sweet right about now.

These days I find myself dreaming of a winter home in Palm Springs. I’m pinning and posting photos of summer on social media. Counting the weeks until spring break. Looking forward to warm temps and sunny days!

On a positive note, I had stocked the freezer/fridge this week in preparation for “Restaurant” week around here. We eat out a lot, and this week is actually a huge inconvenience. Too many people, long waits, “special” menus, etc. So, we’d planned to eat at home as much as possible. The timing is good. It’s bitterly cold, and I don’t want to leave the house! Hopefully, by the time Restaurant week is over, it will be warmer, and we can venture out again.

I’ve been typing for a while now. So my exposed fingers are chilled, and my cup of tea has turned tepid. Time for a warm-up. For the next couple of minutes my hands are going under the keyboard — thawing in the warmth of the computer!

Hope you all are staying warm and cozy. But if snow is your thing – enjoy! And stay safe!

So . . . snow. Love it or hate it?





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