For a full body frost . . .

P1060751Several years ago a coworker told me that if I wasn’t heating my bath towels in my microwave, I wasn’t using the appliance to its full potential. Well, I suppose I wasn’t, but there’s no microwave near my bathroom, so it remains under utilized.

However, it happens that I’ve discovered a secondary use for a different home appliance – my side by side refrigerator/freezer.

I haven’t been all that impressed with this appliance. The narrow freezer side doesn’t seem to hold much. It’s chopped up into small compartments. But I like it much better now. Here’s the thing – it goes from floor to well higher than me. Or, from my feet to my face. Yep. Head to toe coverage. That equals full body frost.

I’m guessing that a lot of women around my age have already figured out where this is going. Or maybe you’ve already discovered this feature for yourself. In the throes of hot flash overheating, I can fling open the freezer door and practically step inside. Ahhhhh! One hand goes inside the door, the other on one of the interior shelves. My face is just about even with the blower when the door is open after a minute or so.

So far, it’s about the quickest route to relief I’ve found. But I’d be happy to entertain other suggestions! Go!

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