Me and my camera just for fun!

Word by Word

I like to take pictures. Sometimes to document an occasion or place, or to remind myself of the name of a wine label or restaurant I’ll never remember later. But mostly, I just enjoy capturing a good image, whether it’s people, landscapes, or a snippet of nature.

My first couple of jobs at small newspapers that couldn’t afford a staff of photographers required me to use a camera. Many times, I had to shoot the pics to go along with my stories. My boyfriend, now husband, helped me learn about lighting and backgrounds and framing a shot. And I got to be reasonably proficient. (I could load film into the camera, but never had to develop on my own.)

P1010077Fast forward several years. Every event we go to, every vacation we take, we do double on the photos! Even though he’s a professional photographer and gets amazing shots that I…

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