Random Travel Advice for 2023

A few tips from a travel professional! Hope your 2023 is full of fun adventures!

I Luv2cruz!

Hi there! Hope you had a lovely holiday weekend and plans for a festive New Year! One reason people book with travel agents is to get good guidance on what to do and what not to do, so here are a few pro tips for “smooth sailings” this year:

  • Be wary of cruise line upgrade offers. I saw one come through today for a client, but she already has a Grand Suite, so what would be the point of spending thousands more? Plus, she has family members with cabins next door, so any changes to her reservation would result in them being separated. Not worth it! Another client *did* upgrade his cabin recently and lost his amenities benefits! This has created a huge hassle in trying to get him reimbursed for the extra money he had to spend onboard!
  • Really watch your flights. As soon as the airlines open…

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