Just a Little Flower Power

Last week, I took a road trip that wound through nine states plus a chunk of Canada, passed by four of the Great Lakes, and included a visit to Holland, Michigan — apparently the tulip capital of the U.S. I’d never been there before, and wasn’t sure what to expect from the little town that boasted of its tulips and quaint features.

Turns out, it was a charming town and the tulips were fantastic. So was our timing. My sister and I arrived just a few days after the annual tulip festival. The crowds were gone, but the tulips still put on a stunning show and offered plenty of photo opportunities.

We had a fun day (our only sunny one of the entire trip) walking through the town square shops, visiting the farmer’s market and strolling through rows and rows of gorgeous, colorful tulips. I must’ve taken hundreds of pictures. Couldn’t help myself. So many bright, cheery blooms! They still make me smile!



What’s blooming in your world?

Road tripping and state skipping

It’s the last day of the big road trip with my daughter . . . five states in five days! The ultimate goal is to move her from North Carolina to New York, but many detours along the way! We’ve seen woods and mountains, taken tours and scenic drives. Fun restaurants and shopping. We’ve been way up high in the lovely Smoky Mountains, and way down low in the Mammoth Caves of Kentucky. A few wrong turns and cloudy days, but mostly fun times! The years of this kind of freedom will be fewer and fewer, so we’re trying to enjoy it as much as we can.

Today we’re heading to the zoo, then it’s on the road again — on the road to the Final Four!

More blog posts to come! Happy weekend, everyone!