Relaxation or procrastination?

P1040375I’m sitting here in my living room looking at the snow outside and debating whether I want to write, read or go watch a movie. I could take down my Christmas decorations. I have plenty of time today. But it sounds like work. It is work. It involves hauling all of those boxes back up from the basement, loading them up, and hauling them down again. It’s messy work, too. Even though the tree is still taking in water, it’s losing needles – and not just a few. Taking down the tree will involve a lot of vacuuming. Definitely in the work category.

It’s a cold, bitter day today, and taking down the decorations always leaves the house looking a little cold and bare. No need to add to that, right? Besides, the poinsettias still look lovely, and the extra holiday pillows are cheery. I’m thinking I’ll warm up my tea, then curl up and enjoy another week of holiday decor. 🙂

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