Nature’s stress relief

Ah, the soothing sound of a babbling brook! I recently returned from a vacation trip to Colorado. It wasn’t a whirlwind, action-packed, sightseeing, tourist kind of trip. It was more of a let-it-go, kick-back, unwind and relax trip. And at the center of that kind of trip is nature — lakes and streams, shimmering aspen trees, secluded trails, a little wildlife, wildflowers and scenic vistas.

I love the sound of a rushing Colorado stream. While we were there, we dined creekside, walked along a trail that followed a gentle stream, and hung out, just listening to the sound of the water cascading over the rocks. I could sit and read or write with that sound as a backdrop for hours!

For me, the water is mesmerizing to watch, and soothing to listen to, especially if the creek is moving fast enough to drown out traffic and other noise. It’s as if nature is saying, “Ahhhh, take a break.”

Enjoy this little snippet!


Are there other sights and sounds of nature that give you pause and refreshment?


Relaxation or procrastination?

P1040375I’m sitting here in my living room looking at the snow outside and debating whether I want to write, read or go watch a movie. I could take down my Christmas decorations. I have plenty of time today. But it sounds like work. It is work. It involves hauling all of those boxes back up from the basement, loading them up, and hauling them down again. It’s messy work, too. Even though the tree is still taking in water, it’s losing needles – and not just a few. Taking down the tree will involve a lot of vacuuming. Definitely in the work category.

It’s a cold, bitter day today, and taking down the decorations always leaves the house looking a little cold and bare. No need to add to that, right? Besides, the poinsettias still look lovely, and the extra holiday pillows are cheery. I’m thinking I’ll warm up my tea, then curl up and enjoy another week of holiday decor. 🙂